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Icy Newfoundland PDF Print
Where are We
Sunday, 03 June 2007

We departed LaGuardia Airport at 10:20 am for our next stop to Newfoundland . After 20 minutes of weave our way through a few active cells on the west side of Boston , we made to the clear blue sky. We had a very smooth ride and arrived in icy Goose Bay at 4:30 pm.


There is not much to see in Goose Bay , but it is a good fuel stop.
Direct to Iceland PDF Print
Flight News
Sunday, 03 June 2007

If weather is good, we may bypass Greenland and continue to Iceland on the same day.  

We are in New York PDF Print
Where are We
Saturday, 02 June 2007

Donaldson Center

We arrived  at Donaldson Center Airport at 8:15 am to load the aircraft for 10 am departure.

It was really nice to be greeted by friends and family and many others who learned about this adventure through the local newspaper.

Every one wished us a safe trip. It was an emotional morning that I will treasure forever. They released balloons as we taxied to the end of the runway.  



Our first leg from Greenville to Philadelphia was about three hours. We were greeted by a small group of people who were extremely nice. They offered to take us to the Liberty Bell and bring us back to the airport.

Due to weekend, Liberty Bell exhibit is closed. If look really hard, you can see the Liberty Bell through the viewing widow behind us.

On the way to the Liberty Bell, they took us to a restaurant that served Persian food.

The owner of the restaurant was from Nepal . After learning about our trip, and specially Nepal being one of our stops, he asked to take a picture with us to post in his restaurant.

He also gave us his brother’s home phone number in Nepal, and insisted for us to stay at his brother’s home once we get to Katmandu at Nepal .


 After visiting the Liberty Bell we departed Philadelphia at about 7 pm for LaGuardia New Your. This was a 25 minute flight.

As we flow over the Statue of Liberty, we requested to circle the Lady Liberty for a second viewing and the ATC  granted our request while flying IFR in the busiest corridor in US.


The personnel at the NY airport showed much interest in our trip, signed our book, and very kindly offered to give us a ride to a hotel for our overnight stay.  

Freedom Flight Will depart on time PDF Print
Flight News
Saturday, 02 June 2007
Freedom Flight will depart at 10 am from Donoldson Center.
May 29, we are Still at Donaldson Center PDF Print
Where are We
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
We  are still at Donaldson Center (KGYH), Greenville, South Carolina and will start our trip very soon. 

            Departure date Saturday June 2nd 2007 at 10:00 am
Our first stop
 will be at Northeast Philadelphia airport (Atlantic Aviation terminal) on June 2nd at 1pm.  We will be visiting the Liberty Bell, as the symbolic gesture for the start of our flight.

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