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The aircraft is a Beech Craft Bonanza F33TC, 285 HP Continental IO 520 , Tornado Alley turbo normalized, Garmin 530, Garmin 330 Garmin 340, KI 155, KR87 ADF, Stormscope WX500 overlaid on Garmin 530, STEC 60-2  three axis autopilot, Garmin 396, Motion tablet 800 (paperless cockpit) with World Jeppesen database and GPS overlaid, and ICOM 706 HF radio. The weather on our Garmin 396 is great, but the coverage area is only in the US.We installed Stormscope WX500 that displays the weather on our Garmin 530 to have a live weather report all around the world by 15 min. delay.



Safety training

We flew to Panama City, Florida, to attend a survival seminar with STARK Survival.   

We signed up for an Underwater Egress and HEED training in addition to Emergency Water Landing training. This class was specifically designed to show us how to ditch an aircraft on cold water off of the North Atlantic Ocean in case we lose our engine and how to evacuate and survive until we are rescued.

We have a lot of confidence in our Aircraft’s engine, but engine failure could happen, so we wanted to be prepared.


 Also, it was a great opportunity to see the person who you will be flying with for the next two months in emergency action. Not to mention that it was a lot of fun.