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Friday, 22 June 2007
 We had difficultly finding engine oil to change the oil in our aircraft. We started to search for engine oil since we arrived in Turkey and throughout Azerbaijan and United Arab Emirate. After going through many channels in Dubai , we finally found engine oil. Simple thing like buying aircraft engine oil is no longer easy to do.


Yesterday we changed the oil and got fuel for our next day earl departure. It took about three hours to fuel. Noting happens fast around here. The Gulf News reporter and photographer was also there to interview us and publish an article for there weekend paper.                          

We wanted to get an early start from Dubai to make sure we avoid the heat of the day. Our flight plan was for 6 am departure, but they keep telling us to have a seat and “No Worry”, until they take care of paper work. They kept bringing us food and drink, and threading us like royalties, but all we wanted to do was to leave early so we don’t run into weather. As I said before, noting happens fast around hear.        


With Monson season, now over India , we have a little challenge ahead of us. There is rain east of our route to Pakistan and India .

Our flight over Pakistan to India was relativity smooth and uneventful and we landed at Gundy International at 4:30 pm. 


After landing, we could not find any handler to take us to the terminal. After 15 minuets of walking to the terminal, the airport police would not let us in the terminal and told us we can not enter without a handler.  


Of course, we could not get a handler without entering the terminal. We were stuck behind the system with police all around us, and we knew we were in a third world country. A chaotic situation that only appears to be solved with money and a ground handler. After jumping thought many hoops, we managed to find a handler. He told us what it would cost, and started to work. We sat in a room for hours, waiting for the handler to go and see authorities. We felt like being in a prison. Six and half hours after our landing we were finally permitted to go and see the authorities and enter the country. I am not sure that I ever like to come back to India .  


We visited the city and  had a little taste of India ’s side walk café food and fruit stand.                                          






We visited Gundy’s tomb, who is the father of India ’s freedom.