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Emad    17 January 2009 00:04 | Saudi Arabia
Hi Capt. Farhad Rostampour and his co-pilot Arshid Moti-Ghavanin
i am very proud to you about this ride around globe
and i want to thank you for this gift to aviation community in worlwide and i wish in future make another ride with you.

david yazdan bakhsh    18 December 2008 18:31 | germany-spain
i am proud to see such a iranian pilots flying around the world and bring the name of iranian to higher level.have a klick at my website and enjoy

Dean K    23 March 2008 06:10 | New York
And I thought Flying to Florida was a long journey (from NY). Wow.

Can I borrow your plane? :grin

Farzin    06 March 2008 06:49 | canada
When you come back to canada,please visit me at to recive your complmentry photo session!regard.

MGBADA JOE    01 February 2008 20:01 | BENIN

Farhad Radmehrian    10 January 2008 08:10 | Tehran, Iran
First let me tell you that I admire your effort and congratulate you on your success in completing the planned mission. It is quite an achievement!

However, I have a couple of qestions.

1) I fail to see how this mission will manage to advance the cause of FREEDOM anywhere, especially in IRAN?!

2) Assuming that the cause of freedom was implied for IRAN (since US, the origin of flight, is a free society!), then what about the fact that one of the pilots wasn't even willing to risk flying over Iran on an APPROVED flight plan and path!!! What kind of message would this send to the intended audience (Iran's youth), about risk taking, follow-through and steadfastness?!

Just curious!

Nevertheless, you get an A for your perseverence and effort!

Farid    07 January 2008 06:32 | Long Island, NY USA
Dear Mr. Farhad Rostampour and Mr. Arshid Moti-Ghavanin,
I wanted to take a moment and recognize your efforts to accomplish such a grandiose task.
I enjoyed the information on your web site tremendously and emailed several of my friends with your web site address.

Best of luck,

Artonis    25 December 2007 02:52 | London, England
Dear daddy, I can't actually believe you've been around the world!!!! I'm so proud of you!! WELL DONE!!

I luv u lots :grin :? :p ;) 8) :) From Artonis, your daughter xxxXXXxxxXXXxxx

Nima Riahi    24 December 2007 07:13 | Toronto, Canada
Be rasti ke boland aseman jaygahe shomast.

Farzin    18 October 2007 23:40 | Los Angeles
Dorood bar shoma delaavaran e Iran. Kaash bishtar maanandeh shoma daashteem...

Homayoun    14 October 2007 00:13 | Stockholm
Ba to ey Azadi ey vala kalam, ba to asan mitavan az siahi ha gorikht...

Dorood bar to ey marde bozorg va javadeneh bad name azizat
Wish u the best!

Siamak    12 October 2007 22:25 | Iran
Doroood bar simorgh haye azadi,
You did great men.It is Siamak,26, petroleum engineer in Iran. I am proud of you
real patriots...
The best forever,

Saeed    12 October 2007 22:22 | England
I am Saeed and I have been living in England for 15 mouths.
I have never heard about you and your job which you had done with your friends,
until I watched voa news.
I looked your web site.It was very good.
I am proud of you.
I know you can speak farsi and read farsi.Please,let me write some farsi words:
Omidvaram ke haletan khob bashad? Hamantor goftam man az kari ke shoma karde bodid
khabari nadashtam.Ta inke dishab barnameye voanews ra mididam v shoma ra didam ke
darbareye kari ke kardid sohbat mikonid.
Motaassefane zamani ke man dashtam barnameye shoma ra mididam baz pakhsh ya tekrar
bod v man nemitavanestam ke ba shoma ertebat bargarar konam v be hamin khater az
site shoma didan kardam v goftam ke man bayad baraye shoma yek peygami begzaram.
Az inke in kar ra kardid man be shoma eftekhar mikonam v omidvaram ke dar tamame
marahele zendegi moaffag bashid v hamishe mayeye sarbolandiye iran bashid.
Vagti ke shoma v kari ke shoma karde bodid ra didam dar poste khodam nemigonjidam.Az
rahe dor dastaye shoma ra mibosam.
khake zire paye shoma

Ali    12 October 2007 21:59 |
I personally admire u... wish u the best...

Shahram    12 October 2007 21:58 |
we are proud of you

shoma rohe korosh ra shad kardin

thank you

Amir Rezai    12 October 2007 21:50 | Canada
hello Mr. Farhad and Arshid jan
my name is Amir and I'll out of Iran for 10 years and I don't know how much I miss every thing there I live here alone and when I close my eyes and just put my self
in your place I really feel good very good Oh my God I can believe it I am with
small air plane and I am free to fly in my country I just see you in VOA you do
the wright thing when talking Farsi to Sheriz Airport and they allowed you to go to persopolice oh man why why we don't have a free country like everybody yes you
are do the big job it was hug I have a so many Canadian friends and I tried hard to Shaw the different face of Iranian government ...
I like to fly to it is really like it but I wish one day I'll do it..
may I ask what is your next fly???
take care

Parchamdaran    12 October 2007 11:33 | Darbehdaro Bivatan Ta Azadie Mihan
Dorood Beh shoma Farzandane Iranzamin, Merci keh ba in Payam yek baar digar Naame Iran ra Zendeh kardid. Ba in kaar Saabet kardid Iran Sarzamine Azadehgaan ast. Shoma saabet kardid bar khalaafe tafakore eshtebahi keh Iranian dar morede Mihan va Tarikhe khod darand. Dar Iran roozi Azad zendegi kardan jozve Farhang va Rossume Zendegani boodeh va inha afsaneh nist.

Yek bare digar sabet shod Keshvari keh Manshoore Hoghoughe Bahsar ra ke "Paayeh-haye Democracy ra dar Jahan Bonayangozari kard" zamani keshvari ba tafakore Azadikhahaneh boodeh va hamin Democracy keh migooyand hargez dar Iran naboodeh hata bish az 2500 sal pish yek Andisheh haghighi va rahe zendegie Iranian boodeh ast chon ba in kare shoma yaadavari shod keh har kaari emkaan pazir ast hata Adaz zistan va Azad andishidan dar 2500 sale pish.

Mardomi keh Ghanoone Hoghoughe bashar ra neveshtand nemitavanestand mardomi Dictator, vahshi va bedoone Farhang boodeh bashand va afardi keh Naa-aagaahaneh migooyand dar Iran hagez Democracy naboodeh va inha afsaneh ast hala mitavanand az kare shoma keh Karestan bood natijeh giri konand va ghezavat va farghe beine Haghighat va Afasaneh ra daryaband.

"Taa nabashad chizaki mardom nagooyand chizha" - Beh andaazeh-ye kaafi madaarek bar jaay mandeh keh sabet konad ma zamani dar tarikhe khod mardomi Azadikhah boodim keh tavanestim Manshoore Hoghoughe Bshar ra baraye avalin bar dar Tarikhe bashriyat beh donay eraa-eh dahim. Azadikhahi ca Azad zistan zamani nah tanha rasme Siaasie ma mardom boodeh balkeh jozvi az Frhange Zistane maa Iranian boodeh ast.

Khastan tavanestan ast. Midanam roozi Farzandane Iranzamin baa Danesh va Dide Mihanparastaneh beh sooye risheh-haye khod baz migardand va behjaaye doori az khish raahe bazgasht beh Farhange Asil va Asle Irani ra peyda khahand kard.

Maa Mellati hastim keh sezaavaare bish az inha va behtar az inha hastim chon ajdadi dashtim keh payaeh-haye in arzesh-haye mohem ra baraye ma bish az 2500 sale pish bonyaan gozashtand.

Dobareh Misazamat Vatan. Irani Zendegi mikonam va Irani az Jahan Miravam.

Peyman    12 October 2007 00:13 | Iran
hello,i am 27 years old form Iran,meybod,couple of you have honored Iranian society and gave a power to believe themselves in a right way and showed them,if they want they can change their own world,and show us : this is the time to take off,now!
our history still hasnt forgotten Abbas Doran,a great Iranian piolt and after ages another great repetition from history,Farhad and arshid showed us,Iranian people,all,are iran lovers! 8)

Mike and Mary Maloney    19 September 2007 07:02 | Simpsonville
Can you lecture at our sons school? He lakes a world cultures/religions class.
Thank you
m&m maloney 8)

Randy Sellet    28 August 2007 00:32 | Greenville, SC, USA
Outstanding Achievement Guys!

Your accomplishment is quite incredible, and your trip is a great example of the ability to achieve your goals when you live in a free society.

We must preserve and hold-on tightly to Freedom wherever it works well in the world, because it is a tremendous blessing that many people take for granted. By saying that, I am implying that Freedom as defined in the USA, is not best for every Country or Culture in the world. There can be many degrees of freedom, each suited or tailored to each unique society.

Many congratulations to the two of you, your families, friends, and supporters! I'm sure there are many people, and maybe some in the government of your homeland that are very, very proud of you. You are very deserving of being in the future history books for breaking new American and International records in aviation.

Best wishes in reaching all future goals!!!

Randy Sellet

Pooya    08 August 2007 10:39 | Tehran
Guestbook signed by Pooya in Persian is moved to Persian section of the website (Montagel shod be safhaye farsi dar gesmat hambalan parvaz).

Translated by: Farhad Rostampour

I wish the best for you and all other Iranians. Here is a link for the first Iranian who is walking the earth. We wish him the best of luck.

Ebbie    26 July 2007 01:19 | SC
Dear Farhad & Arshid,
It is so good to see you guys back. You made us all proud with your courage and bravery. The dream should never die, the site must continue to remain open, as continuous reminder for your cause/dream and every Iranian's dream of reaching the ultimate and accomlishing what they are capable of, as you so proudly have paved the road in your own way. We should not wait for another Nader or skandar to come aroud, you are the one, every Iranian can be that Nader or Skandar. I think the web site now needs to take an additinal turn by providing tools and needed encouragment necessary to make a change, by providing expert guidence/help to those Iranians specailly in our home land who have and/or will lose thier freedom by becoming alcoholic and/or drug addicts.
The story of Simorgh has provided the avenue of understading that we must free ourselves first in order to free others. Our youth in our homeland must fight against this political disaster who is destroying our young generation, your site can reach out as it has so far to bring the much needed awarness.


Behzad    25 July 2007 00:44 | Atlanta
Congratulations !
You know, is was never just the two of you. You took us, our prayers and our spirits with you everywhere you landed.

Thank you.

Pari    24 July 2007 09:33 | Vancouver,Canada
we saw your interview in Paivand TV on Sunday,we are very proud of you guys. Inaians need people like you to give them courage to change their conditions back home to a modern country .Also many thanks to Dr Siamak to inform people here and to support you.
Love and Bravo.

masoud    24 July 2007 09:30 | vancouver,Canada
Salam bar shoma azizan hamvatan,khasteh nabashin,bravo to make Iranian people so proud,special with other flag and Shahnameh Ferdowsi.I wish I had known to come to sign that book when you were in Vancouver BC.with best wishes for you and your family,khoda negahdar

Fariba Izadi    22 July 2007 23:06 | vancouver, Canada
I beleive everyone should be greatfull to have great people such as you. Your message is huge and hope one day we can flight free in skys of Iran!

Minee    20 July 2007 16:14 | Bangkok
Congratulations!!!! Finally you done!!!....

Very glad to met both of you in Bangkok....

;) ;) ;)

*LEILA*    18 July 2007 23:59 | LONDON
WOW :eek finally you did it guys!!!well done 2 both of U,farhad give all my best 2 UR lovely family ;isn't it really nice 2 B home?? :p

Bill Aloia    18 July 2007 23:43 | Donaldson Center, SC
Congratulations on a job well done!!! You two are in the history books of aviation. Let's hope that this will not be the only accomplishment that both of you will achieve. Stop by and see us at Hangar 13 (T Hanger)Donaldson Ctr.

Mehrdad Zareian    18 July 2007 23:14 | Canada
Dear Farhad and Ashid ,
Congratulation ! You guys did it !Your achievement and determination makes us very proud.
Your accomplishment is noted in history of Iran for ever.
Thank you ,

Maryam Salehi    18 July 2007 23:02 | Canada
Farhad jan,Arshid Aziz,
Now that you ended the highly risky flying mission to break the world record for Iranian ,i can sit back and relax. Every patriotic Iranian is proud of your achievement.With your courage and determination, you proved to every human that every dream can come through .
Farhad jan, two of your dreams came through! first dream, breaking the world record for Iranian and second flying over Iran.
I congratulate your family and you both for such great success.
I also thank you for raising the bar even higher for all patriotic Iranian.
I am proud of you as a friend and as an Iranian.
See you guys soon,

siamak    18 July 2007 20:33 |
Farhad'jan & Arshid'aziz
Congratulations,you guys did it,it is a new world record in the name of all Iranians.
Freedom Flight Mission is accomplished,but its impact and inspiration on young Iranians will last forever, and this mision is registered in our history.
Your strength and determination are guidlines for our people to pursue their dreams of a better future for Iran, and a message to political activists to believe in themselves and take actions to raise the bar for Democracy and Freedom for our country in every aspect around the world.
We are proud of you both, and I am thrilled to be a small part of this mission.
Love & Qurbanatan,
Payandeh Baad Iran

Mansour    18 July 2007 19:30 |
Well said, I have tear in my eyes at my work place, DROD BE IRAN VA HAME MARDOM IRAN

Iran Ettehad    18 July 2007 11:17 | LONDON-UK
Dorrod Farhad and Arshid

Since we learnt of your decision to take this highly risky endeavour, we never stopped following you via your professionally designed website.
Everyday we were thinking of you and your families hoping this highly risky undertaking would end without a trouble.
As you’re nearing the end of your high flying mission to break the world record, we are so happy to see that you successfully managed to achieve your objective.
You have done this despite ALL the troubles and uncertainties you faced throughout this mission.
You left behind your families with this knowledge that you might not come back alive.
We are deeply proud of you and your enormous courage.
It was so comforting that “The Simorgh” phoenix supported you faithfully throughout this challenging attempt.
Throughout this venture we saw in you the sprit of our greatest inspiration, Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great, our beloved fathers and nation founders.
We were so excited when we realised that you Farhad was allowed to fly over the Persepolis, the holiest place in the heart and mind of any true Iranian, and also our national proud and dignity.
You wanted to demonstrate to all Iranians, especially young generations, that nothing can stop them to make their dreams come true.
You certainly achieve this objective.
You showed to our people and country that all challenges can be confronted, all dreams can come true and all aspirations can be achieved with a clear determination.
You made us our greatest fathers and founders of Persia, Iran, Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great, proud where their names have been shamed and their resting places are under attack by the Islamic rulers in Iran.
Your achievement made us all proud as friends and fellow Iranians too.
Above all, you made Iran proud where her beautiful name has been impairing for years.
We do hope that all Iranians especially younger ones would learn a lot from your courage in the next coming months and years.
We also hope that the spirits of Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great and all true Iranian nationalists past and present would inspire young Iranians now and in the future to achieve their aspirations by learning more from your message.
We are all proud of YOU and your achievement gentlemen.

Ettehad Bray-ie Azad-ie Iran
Forum for the Freedom of Iran
London- UK

Mehdi    18 July 2007 01:37 | Palo Alto, California
Hi Guys,
Very inspiring flight, Bravo… it is truly a dream come true (pilot speaking).
I enjoyed your website and wish I had heard of it earlier so I could great you here in SFO. I’m impressed by your preparation for the flight both mechanically and technically.
I’m a private pilot myself here in Palo Alto California and I’m leaving for Oshkosh in a few days, I’m sure Farhad has done this trip several times already.
Good luck with your future excursions.

The Bobo Family    16 July 2007 20:43 | Carolina Springs
Dear Farhad & Arshid,

The Bobo Family extends our warmest wishes to you both and would like to tell you how proud we are of the message you represent. We applaud you! We would also like to thank you for taking us with you throughout your journey. We have truely enjoyed the pictures. God's speed for a safe return. Go Freedom Flight!

Best Wishes,

Russ, Maria, Torri and Austin

rasool    16 July 2007 11:00 | barcelona
efadehash tabagh tabagh,
saga bedoresh vagho vagh

Farshid    14 July 2007 02:57 | San Jose, CA
I just saw your site and pictures and loved it! I'm also an enginner and a VFR pilot! I admire your courage to take on such a trip! All the best!!

Mojdeh & Mohammad    13 July 2007 22:27 | Irvine, California
Dear Farhad and Arshide aziz,
You make us to be proud of being an Iranian. We wish you a safe trip and our hearts are always with you guys.

Khodavande Iran negahdaretn bad.

Tania    13 July 2007 20:30 | Atlanta,Ga
salam khoobin mekastam begam insallah mofagah bashid to karetoon va betoonieh ham bian Atlanta va agar kari dastin mekastin ke website doroost konieh cheese man kheyli vareedam be nevestan be englieshe valli na farsi be omadieh azadi va be omideh ke hameh ma betoonime bargardim be iranmhoon va man kheyli khootick boodam in iran boodam to mashhad be doonya omadam valli 4 5 salameh bood omadam america ba pedar madaram va naraftam iran aslan 20 sal hast ke to america hastam to america boozoorg shodam valli hichi az iran yadam nist valli famlieyeh kheyli zayid daram to iran so agar kari dastin be man begin man har kar mekoonam baretoon har vagat kastien 8) :) :cry ;) 8)

saeed    13 July 2007 13:43 | iran-arak
omidvaram toye safari ke darin movafagh bashin va hamishe salamat bashid man ham ye zamani arzoo dashtam khalaban besham vali toye iran nemishe baraye ayande barnamerizi kard va bayad khodeto be daste taghdir bespori . barnamatoono toye andishe tv didam va yek soal baram pish amad ke chera toye iran tavaghof nadashtid
movafagh bashid

Siamak    13 July 2007 10:10 |
Dear Farhad and Arshid'jan,
It was wonderful to have you in Vancouver.We were delighted to see you and hear your exiting advantures.All the best for the last week of the Freedom Flight route.
Be Omide Degar-endishei ve Rahaei az taassobat ve khorafat.
Nilufer & Siamak

Arman    13 July 2007 10:00 | Vancouver
Amue Farhad & Arshid
It was a geat pleasure to meet you both,and good luck with your mission.

Majid Rad    13 July 2007 09:19 | Toronto, Canada
Salaam va dorood bar shoma
You guys are doing a geat job and making all Iranian proud.
Wishing you all the best in yoiur mission. :)

proshat    13 July 2007 08:06 | usa
khaste shomar az shabake andishe deedam, va kare jalebi ke dareed anjam mideed baesse eftekhare. kheeli jalebe ke shoma kari ke az bachegi arezosho dashteed dareed anjam mideed,baratoon arezooe behtarinharo mikonam va moraghebe khodetoon basheed. :)

Alireza    13 July 2007 08:02 | USA
payandeh iran va parcham shir vo khorshid movafagh bashid :)

Saeed    13 July 2007 07:54 | USA
Good Luck Guys.
You make all of us so proud.
Payandeh Iran8)

Aria    13 July 2007 06:41 | NC,USA
ze shir shotor khordan o soosmar
arab ra be jai reside ast kar
ke taj kiyani konad arezoo
tofoo bar to ey charkhe gardoon tofoo!

Payande farhange Irani
sarnegoon bad taziyan dar mihan!

Dorood bar shoma
man barnamatoon ro dar shabakeye pars didam, vaghean lezzat bordam va behetoon eftekhar mikonam,
makhsoosan agha arshid, age 1/4 e mardom mesle shoma boodan emrooz iran hamoon iran bood na in virane ke alan mibinim, dorood bar shoma va tamame iran parastan.
zende bad IRAN.
age eshkal nadashte bashe 2 ta link mizaram inja ke fekr konam jaleb bashe, omidvaram lezzat bebarid.

Pirouz    13 July 2007 06:22 | San Jose, CA
You make us proud.

Saba    13 July 2007 06:12 | Toronto
Dear farhad and arshid,
I just whant to congratulate you for coming this far and i hope u guys will finish your trip safely and im 12 years old and i did a school project on you guys because of how much you guys inspiered me and wanted to pass that on to many others.
everyone in TORONTO loves u .. good luck
Saba :)

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