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Babak    13 July 2007 06:09 | OC, USA
Eftekhar mikionam be shoma javanan e Iran parast va vatan parast.Dorood bar mihan e azizeman Iran. 8)

SIAVASH    13 July 2007 06:03 | los angeles
agha farhad and arshid jon
i just wanted to say thanx for bringing the message of peace all around the world... i hope u finish and end ur trips safely. you guys are the best and make me more proud to be an iranian and son of khake iran

Yaavar & Mitra    13 July 2007 05:56 | USA
Farhad and Arshid, we are so proud of you two. Arshid, keep the SHAAHNAAMEH, we never die, we ARE IRANIAN.
love, Mitra & Yaavar

Hamid Faraji    13 July 2007 02:07 | San Francisco
The greatest honor to host you in San Farcisco. We are impressed with your Interesting experience and courage. You are inspring hereos. well done

kako shirazi    12 July 2007 23:40 | london
welldone to what you've accomplished , just wanted to know what has all this got any thing to do with freedom:?

Ebbie    12 July 2007 22:04 | simpsonville
Dear Farhad and Arshid,

Together I'm going to call you Farshid, how about that.

So happy to see landing with 1-1/2 hr of fuel crossing 2000 long leg of Atlantic. Congradulations. So proud.

Look forward to see you guys at the home base.

Michelle Turner    12 July 2007 20:46 | Columbus, Ohio
Continued success on your wonderful journey.

Mitchell Spann    12 July 2007 18:39 | Piedmont, SC`
Hey guys!

Congratulations on making it this far. You make us proud. Be safe, and remember any landing you can walk away from is a great landing

Maryam Salehi    11 July 2007 08:40 | Canada
Dear farhad and Arshid ,
Welecome to Canada, I wish i had the privilege of welcoming you guys personally at the airport in Vancouver.
I know Siamak was anxiously waiting for you and i envy him .
Any way i will see you all soon.
I am very proud to have such brave friends like you.

Teresa Lewis    10 July 2007 20:42 | Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Hi Farhad, hello to Linda and your girls from Teresa and Logan of A Knight's Echo Farm!! Have a safe journey! You and your family come visit us soon!
Take care!! Teresa Lewis

Siamak    10 July 2007 10:23 | Vancouver
Farhad'jan and Arshid aziz,
Welcome to Noth America,after the 2000-miles nonstop flight from Japan to Alaska,you guys really nailed it.
your courage and strength will be an inspiration for young Iranians to make their dreams come true by achieving their freedom from this brutal regime .
We are all looking forward to welcoming you to Vancouver.
See you tomorrow,
Siamak :)

Maryam Salehi    09 July 2007 23:20 | Canada
Dear Farhad and Arshid,
I know you guys will be in Canada tomorrow and i am very sad that i will not be there to see you.I know siamak is anciously waiting to receive at the airport. wish you all the best.
Maryam salehi

Reza    09 July 2007 22:58 | OC, CA
As a fellow pilot, I am really glad to see your message of peace around the world in this fashion. I wish you guys a safe return home and excellent flying weather.

Farbod    09 July 2007 17:59 | Holland
Best of luck to you two birds. I look forward to hearing your next challenge. It's nice to see Iranians cooperate as a team, something not typically in our culture.

tammy mccarter    09 July 2007 05:06 | fountain inn,sc
hello!!! mr.rostampour remember me from the barn? just heard about your trip sounds like fun good luck on the way back.

Behzad    08 July 2007 22:11 | Georgia
Best of luck crossing the Atlantic

Ebbie    08 July 2007 05:23 | simpsonville
Farhad & Arshid,

Best of luck and wishes to you with safe return across your final leg of Atlantic.


Emily Rostampour    08 July 2007 03:11 | greenville s.c. USA
hey daddy i heard you had some problems with the plane but i see you are doing well. How are you arshid? i am doing ok i got stung twice by a scorpion the other day and had to spend the night in the health center but other than that everything is fine. ill keep in touch and hopefully mom can let me know when you will be home so i can make sure im here. Love you.

Artonis **    07 July 2007 19:12 | London
Dear daddy, I can't wait 2 C U again!!

Lots of love :grin 8) ;) :p :) :eek :roll

Arsham    07 July 2007 18:50 | London,UK
Dear daddy:
safe journey from Japan 2 Alaska with Love :roll :eek :p :) :grin 8) ;) :? :cry

KAMRAN & SANAZ IRAJI    07 July 2007 17:42 | london
dear arshid & farhad.
we keep following the freedom flight news.
we are glad that you are ahead of your scedule.
wish you both best of luck.

Hidehiro Yamakawa    07 July 2007 00:10 | Narita Airport, Japan
Dear Gentlemen:
Congratulations and may you have a safe flight and a happy return home. I wish you two the best of luck! Please be safe and enjoy the trip! And, I hope you have good time in Japan.

Dan Cashion    06 July 2007 02:06 | Atlanta
Your trip sounds so interesting. I really enjoyed reading about how you flew over Iran. I look forward to seeing you when you return.

Hamid    05 July 2007 20:15 | London
I am proud of you gentlemen. I wish you end your journey successfully and safely. Zende bad

Siamak    05 July 2007 05:36 |
Just found out about this site and your journey few days ago from a common friend of us. I would like to congratulate and wish you all the best. Have a very safe flight and hope to see you in Vancouver BC soon. By the way if you have any issue with your Nav/Com I'll more than happy to help.

payman    04 July 2007 18:53 | london
dorod bar shoma 8)

darush,hengameh and ali iraji    03 July 2007 20:32 | london
hi both of you.
since i'v heard about your freedom flight on tv i became so happy and i hope to see you as soon as possible.
wish you a succesfull ending on your trip.

David Keith    02 July 2007 03:35 | Wichita,Ks
If you have Google Earth its fun and easy to see what they will see on the next leg. Using the measuring tool from Townsville to Guam Google Earth shows a flight of 1956.29 nm if overflying Papua New Guinea,quite a long distance non-stop. :eek

Capt nasser moniri    01 July 2007 19:16 | atlanta
doorod ,Farhad joon,i am really proud of you ,holding real Iranian safe.

Nasim    01 July 2007 11:04 | Iran
Dear Iranian friends,
Wish you the best trip,I hope you to get more supports from Iran. :roll

David Keith    30 June 2007 19:53 | Wichita,Ks
It will be interesting to see if you take a more eastly route because of fuel problems. That would take them to Fiji,American Somoa and then on to Hawaii.

Great flight so far guys!! Good luck always!!

Ebbie    30 June 2007 06:46 | sc

Most proud for your courage,
an inspiration to us all.


Mehdi Shokoohi    29 June 2007 23:45 | California -USA
As a , fellow Pilot/Engineer and a Proud Iranian I congratulate you on your dream flight. I want you and other to know this is a big journey to go around the glob with single piston engine. I really admire you guys. DAMETON GARAMMMMM

Peymaneh C    29 June 2007 09:05 | Bc, Canada
The courage to fly around the world, your parents must be proud.
Congratulations to the both of you- this will be a wonderful memory to look back on.
We will wait in anticipation for your safe return. Congratulations and best of luck.

The Mancini Family    26 June 2007 00:00 | Simpsonville, SC

We've enjoyed taking the trip with you from the safety of our home. Congrats on your flight over the Motherland - it's great when a plan comes together!

Good luck on the rest of the trip, and we'll see you when you get home.

David Keith    24 June 2007 23:08 | Wichita,Ks
Welcome from Wichita the home of your Bonanza--one of the best aircraft ever built. I will be following your ATW trek as I have Barrington Irving's solo ATW. He's on his last stop and then home. Good luck to both of you!!


kamran & sanaz iraji    24 June 2007 14:51 | london
we are so proud of you both.

i wish you a safe journey up to the end.

reza/zari    24 June 2007 03:43 | london
doroud arshid,farhad
all the best for you
have safe flight to end.

Reza Keya    24 June 2007 01:54 | London
Dear Farhad & Arshid,
I am so happy for both you. I wish you two safe journey. Farhad Jaan I read your experience when flying over our Motherland I envied you and carried all the way through your writing, “khoshaa be halet”
Love you both

nabil    23 June 2007 13:56 | casablanca morroco
congratulation i m so happy for you to fly over your motherland i think it s very high sensation go go go freedom flight good luck .

Behzad    23 June 2007 07:03 | Georgia
Congradulations on overflying Iranian airspace.

hossein dadrass    22 June 2007 18:28 | iran
iam proud of you

Fereshteh    22 June 2007 17:35 | Prague
My dearest Farhad
I am still in Prague and so overjoyed that you flew over our motherland safely. I am so proud of you.
Love you always,
your sister

Capt Nasser Moniri    20 June 2007 20:10 | Atlanta,usa
Doorod ba Farhad,i sure admire your courage to overflying mullah airspace,as i did several times myself,eventhogh Iran being occupied with these people,still we have banch of pure Iranian working as ATC.And i think Arshid made good judgment not to fly over safe

Ramin Etebar    20 June 2007 17:26 | USA
Dear Farhad & Arshid

As a compatriot, fellow pilot and a political activist I congratulate you on your endeavor.

This is the first time I have come across your web site following a link from Maryam’s e-mail.

Prior to Maryam’s e-mail I had received notifications from Siamak, but I didn’t know that it was Farhad’s

program since Siamak’s link : did not work. I was able to see you guys at this

web address: .

Farhad Jaan

From now I will call you The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest!

I could imagine the joy that you experienced as well as anxiety and tension flying over

The psychotic mullahs’ air space.

I will follow the rest of your journey wishing you god’s speed, good weather, safety and smooth sailing.

May god be with both of you.



Mehrdad Zareian    20 June 2007 16:56 | Canada
Dear Farhad,
I wish you all the best ,
see you soon.

Maryam Salehi    20 June 2007 16:48 | Canada
Dear Farhad,
I can imagine the feeling you had as you were flighing over Iran.I couldn't stop crying as i was reading your experience and feeling while flighing over Iran.
As i said before my heart is with you every second.
See you soon.

Ebbie    19 June 2007 20:35 | SC

Almost halfway thru your adventure, continue to look good, inspiring, helping dreams to come true.

safe return my friends,


Ehsan ZAREIAN    19 June 2007 16:58 | New York,NY.U.S.A

Siamak    18 June 2007 09:39 | Canada
Happy Father's Day to both of you,Farhadjan and Arshidjan.
It's so wonderful to see the majestic Caspian sea from your plane,enjoy the rich culture and friendly people of Azerbaijan,before flying over our motherland ;Serzamine Hameishe Javide Iran-eman.We are very proud of you.
With love,

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