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Ebbie Attar    02 June 2007 16:45 |
Best of luck to you on your freedom fleight. Look forward to see safe back in Greenville, SC.

Jeiran    02 June 2007 12:50 |
Hey Arshid , Good Luck with Farhad ;)

Mani Hatami    02 June 2007 00:36 | Dubai
(Persian Language) Salam be doostan aziz, ma doostan irani ke dar dubai hastim be shoma eftekhar mikonim ke in kar bozorg va ghashang ro anjam midid , parcham iran va payam solhe irani ha ro be hame miresonid. doostan irani e shoma dar UAE

Thomas McKeown    01 June 2007 21:52 | Greenville, SC
I wish the best for you both on your journey around the globe! I hope to hear about your travels soon. Good Luck 8)

Kara, Phil and Camer    01 June 2007 17:02 | Greer, SC
Please know that you are carrying the well-wishes and prayers of so many as you embark on your journey. You are both great symbols of what can be accomplished with determination, endurance and passion. We look forward to your safe return and the many tales that will be told after.

Chelsea Rostampour    01 June 2007 04:33 | Greenville South Carolina USA
Good luck guys && have fun!!

Erik King    01 June 2007 04:28 | Belton, SC
I wish both of you good luck on your trip around the world! Farhad, let the great instruction that you have recieved kick in! Ha! I am very proud of both of you, and I am sure that everything will go as planned. I am looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you get back. My prayers are with both of you. Have a good time guys! 8)

Eddie & Betty Babb    01 June 2007 03:19 | Greenville S. C.
Betty and I wish you both the best of luck on your adventure.
Our prayers of safe passage travel with you both.
See you back at Donaldson Jet Center!

Ramin    31 May 2007 19:12 | USA
Dear Gentlemen:
I wish the best for you on your journey.
Please don't forget to spread the words of "FREEDOM " as you complete your mission.

Siamak Rafizadeh,DDS    31 May 2007 10:41 | Canada
Farhad jan and Arshid'jan,
It is a proud moment for our nation to see both of you bravely challenging this mission,against all odds.
This freedom flight will inspire young Iranians to do their best for a better future in Iran .
May the strength of pheonix(simorgh) be with you all the way.
Have a wonderful journey my dear friends.

Emily M. Rostampour    31 May 2007 04:34 | Greenville, South Carolina, US.
I am so proud of you for planning and going on this flight, and I am so sorry I could not be there to watch you take off, I really wanted to. You are a great pilot and I know that this is one of your dreams. I am so happy for you. You are doing a wonderful thing and I know this means a lot to the citizens of Iran as it means a lot to me. I will miss you while you are gone but I am looking forward to your return and hearing all about the flight. I love you very much and I wish you well. I know you will have a wonderful time. Good luck. :)

Captain NasserMoniri    30 May 2007 20:35 | Atlanta ,USA
This is my honor to congregated to Farhad and Arshid for your freedom flight,as B757 pilot ,I know how existed you both are,I wish you the best of luck,and hope you two have wonderful flight around the globe,may you two be a good example for freedom in Iran.if there is anything I can do to make your flight safe and enjoyable,please let me know.Be safe.

Gilda    30 May 2007 19:29 | London
Hi to you both,

I want to start by saying I wish you all the best for the journey that is ahead of you. When I first started to read about why you're doing what you're doing, I was amazed and proud to be an Iranian. Hope your fascinating dreams and goals come true for the sake of a better future for all of us on this green globe. Good luck!

Arsham    30 May 2007 15:17 | London
Dear: Daddy,

I'll miss U alot and I wish that I would be able to come with you but unfortunately I can't!
So I'll send you all my luck and love.....hope U both have great landings over there. All the best.

:p :eek :? :cry

Behzad    30 May 2007 07:04 | Atlanta
I just sent a message to CNN reporting this breaking news. I hope they publish this. We all should be sending articles to CNN, CNBS,CBS etc. to let everyone know of this flight

Behzad    30 May 2007 06:44 | Atlanta
I wish the best for both of you and a great adventure.
Good Luck

Maryam Salehi    25 May 2007 06:18 | Canada
Dear Farhad and Arshid,
I admire your courage and wish you a safe and successful flight.My heart will be with you every second as you are flighing.

I also wish the best for Iranian and hope your mission will prove "the sky is the limit."
As you say "they too have alternatives"
Maryam Salehi


Artonis    24 May 2007 23:21 | Hi Daddy, it's Artonis!
:? Dear Mr.Moti & Mr.Rostampour (by the way, Mr,Moti is my dad!!),

I hope that you have a great time around the world
and I hope that you come back safe!!

We'll be waiting for you once you've gone up above the clouds or you can stay there if you want to feel the clouds under your feet instead :grin !

I've only been born in Iran, Shiraz. But I still know what's happening and things like the children that are having a hard future life which is not fair and I think that you two can make them much happier, because of your FREEDOM FLIGHT that you have set up.

Love: Artonis Moti-Ghavanin!
;) 8) :p :roll :)

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