Over the Everest to Thailand
Sunday, 24 June 2007

Our departure form India was as unpleasant as our arrival. Air port officials tried to make every thing as difficult as possible. We departed about 8 am. Our next flight was over Nepal and Bangladesh to Bangkok Thailand . This was 1780 miles and 12 hours fo flight time.   

Our intention was to fly next to Everest, Due to weather and high terrain we were unable to get too close to Everest. If you look very close on the far left side of the photo you can see a part of Tibet ridge rising through the clouds                                     


Monsoon season is well on its way in Thailand .  There was a large area of thunder and lightening that we tried to avoided, but at the end our approach to Bangkok was at night time though light rain, and we made it by an ILS approached for runway 21R.




Bangkok is a beautiful city. The airport officials were courteous and very helpful.          

Bangkok exotic food (fried insect, caterpillar, worm, grass hoper and larva) is very tasty.



You will find the most unexpected items on the street of Bangkok .