Jakarta, Indonesia
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

So far, from India to this point, for our flight through Monsoon we had the good weather ahead of our route and nasty weather behind us. It looks like there is a hole with the good weather that is following us.  


We left Singapore at 7 am. Again, we had good weather for our flight today. We spend a little time in flight to read Ferdosi’s poetry.




We landed in Jakarta and tried to fuel. There is a shortage of fuel in Indonesian Islands and they would only give us 50 gallons of fuel.



Our agent who is handling all of our landing permits told us that China had declined to issue our landing permit due to unavailability of fuel. Without fuel in Indonesia and landing permit in china, we may have to find a different route after Australia and go through Hawaii to get back to US. We will make that decision in Australia . We are still hoping to stay on track and problems would be solved.